What is Patination?

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Patina is a slow natural process where metal exposed to the atmosphere undergoes oxidation and a thin film of pigment is laid down on the surface.  Different metals exhibit varying colours; iron for example forms rust and copper a greenish blue effect over time.  

Applied patination accelerates this process under controlled conditions using heat and specific naturally occurring elements to produce an exciting range of colours.  

Flint Watches new collection explores this natural process in four watches. 



Artist Abigail Burt is a renowned specialist in this raw form of patination.  She is a Winston Churchill fellow and has recently completed a public commission for the Goldsmiths’ Company. 

Flint Watches are delighted to collaborate with her on this exciting new project.  

Following an extensive prototyping period she has handcrafted three vivid patinated bezels which have been sealed to halt the oxidation process preserve and protect the colour.




The Patina collection was created in London Dockland and assembled in the UK.  Taking our inspiration from the aged waterways of East London, we celebrate a prized longterm process with a stunning modern twist to produce a range of handcrafted bespoke Flint Watches. 

We’re in good company, the Statue of Liberty gets it’s blue green colour from patina formed on its copper surface through oxidation from the atmosphere.  

The Patina collection marks a return to the local, in an age of mass manufactured watches. 

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