Wes Anderson's Isle Of Dogs at The Store X Exhibition

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Wes Anderson's stop motion masterpiece Isle of Dogs comes to cinemas later this week. We caught an early screening of the film this week and loved it! 

Isle of Dogs 

The film is set in a dystopian vision of a near future Japan and follows the tale of Akira Kobayashi, nephew of the Mayor of Megasaki, as he embarks on a mission to rescue his trusted guard dog spot from exile on Trash Island. The 144,000 still frames include 240 sets and 1097 puppets creating an absolutely mesmerising experience for the audience. 

Isle of Dogs

The lead dogs here are the real characters, providing the humour and emotion of the film. We particularly loved their interaction vocalising what it is to be a dog and grumbling about the hardships they have all faced in contrast to their perfect past lives. Voiced by Jeff Goldblum (Duke), Edward Norton (Rex), Bob Balaban (King), Bill Murray (Boss) and Bryan Cranston (Chief) the pack provides wonderful company as we navigate through the beautifully constructed but sometimes bleak world. You can meet the cast here.

Isle of Dogs

If you're in London over the next two weeks we recommend you make a double trip and pop down to Store X to immerse yourself in Anderson’s Isle of Dogs exhibition. The photos included in this post were all taken at the exhibition. 

Isle of Dogs 

Curated by the director, the exhibition includes 17 original hard-crafted sets, giving a fascinating insight into how the film was made. The experience truly showcases the complexity and beauty of Anderson’s ninth feature. Shot in London over 445 days the operation had forty – fifty film units running at one time and a crew of over 650 people. Each exhibit showcases the detail, care and attention of this inspiring project.

Isle of Dogs

The site includes a life-size ‘Noodle Bar’ with Sake cocktails on offer during the late night openings. The captivating exhibition is on display between the 23rd of March and the 5th of April 2018. 

Isle of Dogs

The Store Studios 180 The Strand

Picturehouse Central Film information Isle of Dogs

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