Flint Fancies.. Elly Smallwood

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Haze, 2014

Portrait In Yellow, 2015

Sylph, 2014

Unknown, 2014

Heat, 2014

Portrait In Grey, 2015

In Socks, 2014

Elly Smallwood is an artist working in Toronto and exhibiting internationally. Her approach is clearly influenced by certain prominent painters of the past century, like Saville and Freud. Yet her style remains distinctive and varied none the less. She has been working full time as an artist for the last six years. Shows from the last few years include:

Solo Exhibition, Benjamin Eck Galerie, Munich; Winter Collective, Massey Lyuben Gallery, New York; The Beauty I Hide, Hermann & Audrey, Toronto; You + Me, Navillus Gallery, Toronto; Embodiment, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto; and Delta, Project Gallery, Toronto. 

See more of her work here.

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