Ambur & the Aravalli

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It was very important for us to source quality materials for our first range. Above all, we want to be proud of the products we are selling. 

Our research spanned over a two year period leading up the launch in August. We spoke to numerous people, all giving insights into where we could source the best materials, while maintaining an affordable price for our customers.

Picking the marble was naturally an important task, due to its prominence in our design. Due to its rich green colouring, we chose to source the marble from Udaipur, Rajasthan. 

India is home to some of the worlds most ancient artistic practises. This selection of native crafts include fabric colouration, embroidery and stonework. However, what inspired us most at Flint, was the marble inlay work rooted in Rajasthan. This intricate practise consists of creating elaborate engravings on marble stone, typically in the form of floral designs and geometric patterns. These days the preserved traditional art is only mastered by a select few. 

It seemed fitting to source the stone from an area renowned for its beautiful marble work. Something we have strived to emulate in our first range.


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